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Reflecting on our brand name, after receiving some feedback...

Posted by Carol Davies on

We were recently asked if we think our use of the word ‘Metta’ is problematic, as it is a part of Buddhist practice and we are two white women using the word as part of our business name. We appreciate these types of questions because it shows that our community is interested in social justice.  

Here is our response....

We acknowledge that ‘Metta’ is not our word. We did not create it and the “About Metta” section of our website gives more insight to the origin and meaning of the word and our relationship with it. We learned the history and practice of Metta Meditation during a Mindful Self-Compassion course offered in 2018 by a local hospital. At this time, Morgan (Co-Founder) was in recovery from a 14-year battle with an Eating Disorder (ED). Metta Meditation offered a path towards a healing and more compassionate relationship with ourselves and others. Morgan felt a strong connection to Metta meditation; it became a daily practice for her, which is one of the reasons why we chose the name METTAMADE.  

Our desire to incorporate such a meaningful and fitting word into our brand stems from how it has changed the way we think of ourselves and what we want to put out into the world.

We included the word Metta into our name METTAMADE because we apply the values of Metta into every aspect of our business. We design clothing with loving kindness and compassion towards all bodies (those wearing the clothing and those producing), as well as the environment. 

It is the fabric of our organization because it allows us to approach every decision with intention. 

We want to share with others what Metta meditation and practice has taught us, and how it has helped us heal from a culture that profits from us hating our bodies

Metta has several translations Metta (Pali), Maitri (Sanskirt), Loving Kindness (English) Maitriya (Sinhala), and also Metta (Thai). It is a tenant adopted and practiced by diverse communities, which reflects what we are trying to do.  

We have incorporated this tenant as a core value of our company. While we were not born Buddhist, we have learned and continue to practice this tenant consistently in our personal and professional lives.

A key part of this practice for us is the continuous process of listening, learning, unlearning and responding with compassion. This is why we decided the explanation and definition of the word ‘Metta’ on our website required more information on the history and origin of the word. As such, our website has been updated and will continue to be updated with sensitivity and in a way that honours its origins.

We are grateful for your support and if you have any questions, concerns or insight for us, we are more than happy to reply to them at with the Subject "METTA NAME" to help us respond as quickly as possible.


Morgan and Carol

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