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Humans Of Mettamade

  • Chris Bourke

    Humans of Mettamade is a recurring project that highlights individuals in the Hamilton community who are actively engaged in the body positivity +...
  • Katie McCrindle

    Through the modelling and clothes-making process, [Mettamade] cares about what I think and how I feel in the clothes — that I feel good in them. When else do you get the opportunity to have that kind of relationship with the people who are making your clothes?
  • Cynthia Boyde

    I'm mindful about not engaging in diet talk, or when I notice people are moving/exercising for the wrong reasons, I won't engage with that either. I've curated my social media so that it's all body- and fat-positive people on there. I surround myself with amazing people. It's really the support system that helps make the [body liberation] movement [possible].
  • Jo Gale

    My body image flipped when I got pregnant and had a baby. Women's bodies change. I struggled at first, but I turned to the instagram body positivity community, [and began finding my own voice]. I resonated with the messages of self love.
    Since then, I've been trying to explore the body-love concepts, and infuse that into my teaching.
  • Michelle Cordeiro, CNP

    Coworkers were commenting on how amazing I looked and how "healthy" I must be because I could turn down food.
    I had never felt sicker.
    My symptoms weren't going away, I was having constant anxiety, and I felt completely disconnected from my body. 
    I started to get pissed off when someone would say, "you're so lucky you can't have dairy," as if it was a positive sign of control. It helped me to realize how messed up the way we talk to other people [about their bodies] is.