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Our Mission

METTA ~ a style of buddhist meditation, practicing loving kindness, wishing others well, eternal gratitude/benevolence, compassion towards oneself and others, to bring yourself to a place of calm

METTAMADE, is a mother-daughter run slow-fashion brand based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Our clothing is designed and produced in the Hamilton and Toronto area. Our flagship storefront is located at 1032 King Street West in Hamilton, Ontario.

METTAMADE empowers humans to both feel good and look good, by equipping them with a quality, stylish and comfortable wardrobe that flexes with them at any moment in life. Our clothing is handmade to order, locally and ethically, using high-quality eco-friendly fabrics. METTAMADE’s clothing is designed with all bodies in mind and each piece is simple in form, yet versatile in function. We are inspired to create clothing that exudes quality, style and compassion towards the soft, strong and fluctuating human form.

Our fashion is driven by our mission to live and create mindfully and with Metta (“loving-kindness”).  


  • We are dedicated to creating clothing that not only celebrates bodies, but encourages body love within the community

  • A portion of proceeds from each purchase are donated to Body Brave, a Hamilton-based Charity that provides services for individuals struggling with weight, food and body image issues, including eating disorders. 


  • Our clothing is made from bamboo jersey knits, one of nature’s most sustainable resources

  • Bamboo grows very quickly - up to one foot a day, and is 100% biodegradable and naturally regenerative

  • Growing this material uses ⅓ the water that cotton does, and bamboo yields 10 times more than cotton

  • No chemical modification is used in the process of spinning yarn from bamboo

  • Bamboo fabric is naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, thermal regulating, and resistant to mould

  • Due to its porous nature, bamboo breathes and wicks moisture away


  • We believe in building with simplicity, for slow, responsible fashion

  • Manufactured locally, by hand, in small quantities

  • Customer-service focused, with a meaningful approach to supply and demand

  • Our product is our passion