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NBA betting

NBA Specific Betting Strategies

Points advantage

This modality helps to balance the game between unequal teams. Suppose the Boston Celtics play at home, with a much better chance of winning, against the Philadelphia 76ers.

The betting site stipulates a points advantage for Philadelphia with the “+” sign added to the odds, representing the loser. And chances of minor gains with the Celtics (sign “-“), who represent the favorite.


This is one of the most used betting strategies in the NBA. It consists of choosing who will win the match or the result of the end of regulation time (1X2). It is not such a profitable betting technique, since the odds of the favorites are lower.

More than/Less than

For online basketball betting, this is a common modality in the NBA. In it, the bettor defines if the total points in part or in the entire game will be below (under) or above (over) the score defined by the bookmaker.

This is a betting technique that requires some degree of prediction of the score that may occur in the game.

Face to face

Betting Strategies

This betting technique in the NBA or in basketball aims to bet on which player will score the most points and, when choosing this modality, it is literally necessary to count on luck.

The number of fouls determines how long the player will remain on the court and, if he has scored more fouls, leaving him for a few minutes is inevitable, damaging your score and your bet.


Although it is unlikely in a basketball game, the tie is also among the betting modalities, which, in the case of leagues like the NBA, can happen. There are always cases where some games go beyond the usual 48 minutes.

Future bets

This modality is indicated at the beginning of the season in which you can bet on the winner of the divisions, conferences or the title. In this technique, the bettor keeps the money withheld until the end of the season.

Important factors for betting on basketball

Betting Strategies

Meet the cast

Be aware of the team’s squad, of which the players make up the main quintet, analyze who the players are on the bench and if they are strong. There are many cases in which the five players are very good. But the substitute bench is not that strong and can destabilize the team until the end of the dispute.

Team interaction

Do the team’s players fit on the pitch? Having big stars on a team doesn’t always guarantee strength in a game. If there is not a good relationship between them. After all, all players need to complement their skills in the game.

Know the coach well

Look at the playoffs, there are many teams that change their strategy and are stronger day by day. This passes through the coach and it is this definition of strategies that makes the dispute between some teams so fierce.

Stay on top of history and forecasts

Analyze your team’s performance in competition by evaluating, for example, how did the team perform at home? And away from home? How is the recovery after losing a game? What is the average score in a match?

Game preview

By accessing the NBA website you can see the preview of the game, you can see the available players, those who have suffered injuries. In addition to having access to many other very important details and statistics.

Choosing the best betting site

Choose betting sites that are trustworthy, have a strong reputation in the market and are regulated in your home country. Another important observation is to pay attention to the evaluation of the users of that site. In addition to the possibility of making combined bets on basketball.

After researching and choosing a trustworthy website. Explore the many possibilities offered by the market. Start betting on basketball with lots of fun and profit.

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