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Video bingo vs. Blackjack, which one is better to play?

As in a football match, two opposing sides: on the one hand, the players of the video bingo machines; on the other hand, players of table games such as blackjack. Who will win this match? As exciting as a football match, these betting games have their fans who, why not say it, even form an organized crowd.

With such a predilection for both sides, it is even difficult to enter this field of gambling. But we have done it, we have prepared a great guide for you to compare and discover which is the best between online video bingo and blackjack. Here we go!

Analyzing the differences: blackjack and video bingo

Beginning an analysis of these two games is not difficult. If we think about its physical aspect we have, on the one hand, a board game based on cards and, on the other, a game based on cards.

Although both games are based on numbers, they have different functions in the game, as in blackjack the numbers are repeated in different suits and in many decks of cards, while in cards they are unique, repeating only in different cards.

Player profiles: video bingo and blackjack

Player profiles

It can be said that the players of both sides have a relatively defined profile and perhaps it is worth trying to trace it based on the characteristics of the games in question.

The blackjack player

A player looking for blackjack tips has a penchant for games where strategy and reasoning are important, as the game of blackjack is highly technical. This player with a daring profile is usually interested in making a profit by beating the house

The blackjack player can be a gambler in other table games where strategy is also quite important, such as poker. Many players are still proficient at board games that require a lot of technique and study time, such as chess.

The video bingo player

In video bingo, we can think of a player who seeks to have fun rather than rack his brains. He is probably a player of family habits, since bingo is a game that refers to fond memories, such as fairs, summer parties and family gatherings such as Christmas.

The video bingo player may also be interested in slots and roulette games (also available for a free trial at Bodog), as they are not strategy games.

Which game is easier to win: video bingo or blackjack?

It can be a delicate task having to say where you win more: in a game of blackjack or in a game of video bingo, since they are very different environments and with different variables.

Yes, in blackjack you depend on luck, but also on the skill of the player. In online bingo, strategy is not that important, but the number of cards involved in the game can have a big influence.

Calculated analysis: in a single game, which is easier to win?

Calculated analysis

But can we do an average analysis? Well, we can say that, generally speaking, the probability of an average player winning a game of blackjack is relatively higher than the probability of a player winning an online video bingo game with a single card.


It should be noted that the analysis is based on a single game of both games, which does not mean that over a series of games it is easier to have better results in blackjack than in video bingo. This will definitely depend on the player.

Payments for each game: blackjack and video bingo

Let’s briefly review the payouts in each of these games.

Blackjack payouts

In blackjack, players should look to beat the house by receiving cards that complete the 21 points, or at least have higher values than the dealer’s, without obviously breaking the 21 points.

The payouts are made in a 3:2 ratio, that is, if the player beats the dealer, he will receive 1.5 of the bet amount, in addition to what he had wagered. In the event of a tie with the house, the player will recover the stake, without winning or losing.

In the end, which game is better?

After reading the article, it is really difficult to give such a strict opinion: which one is better to play? After all, we have seen that they are very different games that take into account the type of favorite game, the player’s profile, the type of payment desired, among other factors.

Don’t worry about drawing a defined profile or having a table of advantages and disadvantages in mind, all that does not add much value. The important thing is that you have fun and follow your strategy, with dedication you will surely achieve your goals. Enjoy the game!

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