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Learn to make straight bets in roulette

In this post we are going to see how to make a direct bet in roulette. Through an intuitive and fast way, the player will learn to identify the type of roulette and thus place a bet quickly and without risk.

We will also take the opportunity to differentiate the types of bets and see a little about the odds and payments of the direct bet, comparing them with other types of bets and possible plays in the different types of online roulette. Enjoy the reading. Here we go!

What are straight bets in roulette?

Straight up bets are the most popular in the game of casino roulette and have also been immortalized in movies. How many times have we seen scenes where a player puts all his chips on a single number? Regardless of the outcome of the play in the movie—a thrilling win or a resounding loss—the way to play is always the same.

The straight bet in roulette is exactly the scene we saw in the movie: picking a single number and betting on it, either with a single chip or dozens of stacks of chips that form a huge skyscraper. Choosing one of the roulette numbers is really easy and intuitive. This is something that attracts players who already have a favorite number and always bet on it.

Identify the type of roulette to place direct bets

Why is it important to identify a type of roulette to make straight bets? Different types of roulette cause straight bets to have different odds. Also, depending on the type of roulette, some numbers may not be available for straight bets.

European type roulettes have 36 numbers and a house number (“0”), American type roulettes have the same configuration with the addition of another house number (“00”). Knowing how to identify the type of roulette allows the player to know the probability of winning in a direct bet, and also with respect to the numbers available for direct bets, as well as the types of bets that can be placed.

Numbers excluded from straight bets

straight bet

The famous green painted numbers on the roulette wheel, the so-called house numbers “0” and “00”, are generally not bettable, so you cannot place a direct bet on them. It must be taken into account that there are many differences between the types of roulette games and the rules of each casino, as well as the local legislation to which they respond.

Many American casinos allow betting on both “0” and “00”, so the term “house numbers” doesn’t make much sense for these numbers. If “0” or “00” are your lucky numbers, you can bet on them in the Classic American Roulette game on the Bodog website.

Bet on excluded numbers

Some European casinos, especially the French ones, allow you to bet on the number “0” indirectly since, due to the arrangement of the numbers, roulette has a typical symmetry of the roulette division. You could bet on the number “0”, but not in a direct bet but with the “Jeu 0” or “Voisin du zéro” bets. This type of bet will be placed on positions that also contain the number “0”.

Payouts and odds

The single bet in roulette has its reasons for being the most famous, since it doesn’t matter what style of roulette is played; the single bet pays the most in the game of roulette. Obviously, this high payout comes at a price, so the single bet is also the least likely to be considered.

While an “odd or even” or “black or red” bet pays 1 to 1 and has odds of almost 50% — the odds are 37 to 18 in French roulette (48.65%) and 38 to 18 in American roulette (47.37%).

In a straight bet, the probability of winning is 37 to 1 (approximately 2.7%) in French roulette, and 38 to 1 (approximately 2.63%) in American roulette. The payment, whether in American roulette or in French roulette, will always be the same: 35 to 1. That is, the bettor will win 35 times the amount wagered.

Placing a straight bet on roulette

straight bet

Before making the bet it is convenient to relax a little. The old brick-and-mortar casinos gave players little time to choose their numbers, and in the rush, it was impossible to relax. Today, with online casino games, the situation is much better, since there is more time between one spin of the roulette wheel and another.

Although there are many types of bets, such as neighbor bets in roulette, placing a straight bet is quite easy, simply by choosing a single number and placing your chip on this number. In virtual casino games it is even easier: just choose and select the number to bet by clicking the mouse on that number.

Let the roulette spin!

Placing a direct bet is very easy and intuitive. With a high payout (35 to 1), a straight bet on roulette can generate very high winnings. Take advantage of the information in this post and enjoy the thrill of spinning the wheel. There is no doubt that you will enjoy it. Luck!

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