Online slots vs baccarat

Online slots vs baccarat: which one to play to win?

Although roulette, poker and bingo get a lot of attention in a casino, there are two games that have become player favorites: online slots and baccarat. These games are quite different in their features, rules, and ways of playing.

But finally, for those looking to win, what is the best slot? In this article we will look at both games from various angles. Come with us!

RTP – How hard is it to beat the house at slots and baccarat?

slots and baccarat

Those looking to win by playing online casino games are very familiar with the concept of RTP (Return To Player); that is, return to the player. It is a theoretical value that, throughout a series of games, the player will receive as a prize for his bets; that is, it is the percentage paid by the bookmaker on the amounts collected.

Therefore, if a player is looking to win as much as possible or lose as little as possible, he must be aware of how much the house pays out to the bettor. Alright, the two games are quite different when it comes to RTP.

When it comes to online slots there is no fixed value, so each manufacturer can set an RTP rate. This theoretical value can be from 0% (the slot machine pays nothing of what he receives) to values greater than 100% (the slot machine pays more than the player bets).

Obviously, both extreme cases would be unfeasible, since either there would be no players for the slot, or the slot would bankrupt the casino on the first night. Thus, the most popular slots have an RTP of 88%, with 95% being a very good rate.

When we focus on how to play baccarat, we notice that the rates are quite higher than those of slots. In this game there are two ways to bet: on the bank, with a house edge of 1.06%; or by the player, with a house edge of 1.24%. Both values are much more advantageous than most slots.

Baccarat and slots volatility: the number of wins

slots volatility

Although the RTP is quite well known, sometimes the concept of volatility is not well understood among bettors. Volatility refers to the number of times a bettor can go without receiving payments for his bets. Thus, in a high volatility game, a casual player could go up to tens or hundreds of games without obtaining a single prize.

Although it may seem that volatility is a bad thing for the bettor, such as the house edge, it is not. Volatility itself is nothing more than a feature of the game and that is why some very experienced players are looking for games with high or low volatility.

In games with high volatility, the player can go many games without winning but, when he is awarded, he will receive a higher amount than in games with low volatility.

Online slots have all kinds of games, with high or low volatility, and it is enough to consult the information of the slot itself to know its characteristics. In baccarat we have a fairly low volatility, which is inherent in the structure of the game itself.

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