best Halloween slots

Play the best Halloween slots

Are you willing to face bloodthirsty slots? Keep in mind that many of the games listed here are for people who enjoy challenges and taking a few risks. But you have to know that those risks and challenges offer far greater rewards than simple children’s candy.

Do you want to know which are the best Halloween slots? Fill your cupboard with sweets, prepare the pumpkin with the macabre smile and prepare to face the mischief! We have prepared an excellent selection of Halloween slots for our readers and we will guide them down this narrow and dangerous path. But fear not! Remember that these amazing games are only scary in the world of fantasy, but they can lead to real financial gains!


This game, created by developer Microgaming, is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot.

Halloweenies is a great game suggestion for those looking to celebrate Halloween with payouts of up to 900x the stake.

Monster Manor

Developed by Qora-Gaming, Monster Manor is set in an abandoned mansion, full of monsters.

With 5 reels and 50 pay lines, the player will be helped by bats and black cats to receive loads of bonuses and multipliers.

Boogie Monsters

Boogie Monsters

Another slot developed by Microgaming, packed with excellent sound and music effects.

In Boogie Monsters, the player is transported to a strange room party. With a non-progressive jackpot and plenty of scares, this slot is all about fun.

Witches & Wizards

With an understated look and magic symbols, the game gets interesting when 3 or more magic wand symbols appear on any line or reel. Once this happens, the player is awarded 10 free games and releases a spell, which ends up changing the course of the game in Witches & Wizards.

There is also the autoplay option, which you can customize to your liking, selecting the number of spins and lines, as well as the number of bets per line and the chances of winning or losing.

Zombie F.C.

Do you like soccer and imagine a reality where zombies are real? Then this game is for you. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, where there are only two things that haven’t gone extinct: sports and zombies.

In a dark and fun way, Zombie FC will take you to a kind of stadium, with the presence of disfigured faces and bloody shirts. If hundreds of zombies invade your screen, get ready, because this challenge will increase your winnings.

Reel blood

Reel blood

In Reel Blood, the fun is all about garlic, stakes, holy water, and lots of blood. Do you know what we are talking about? That’s right, bloodthirsty vampires looking for blood on the reels.

The concoction is found in the Blood Bar, where the player must satisfy their booze needs and wrest money from these nocturnal blood-sucking parasites along the way. You will have a number of features at your disposal, as well as autoplay options and a random progressive jackpot.

How to win at Halloween slots

Winning at the casino by exploiting the small cracks in the house edge is hard and difficult work, but it can offer rewarding results. In addition to following the Halloween slots tips to the letter, the player must keep an eye out for subtle details, such as the final time of a hotdrop jackpot.

Even if the player has little credit to play, it is essential to follow a bankroll and betting management system. In this way, the player is more likely to gradually increase his bankroll.

Enjoy Halloween!

With plenty of thrills and scares, Halloween slots promise to bring good times to the player. Reserve some sweets for the kids, cut a scary pumpkin and place a candle inside, maybe the witches will be on your side!

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